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What is canvas?

Canvas - is a strong fabric material, made of natural fibers (line or cotton). Canvas is like a painting. We print customers images on on a solid natural or synthetic canvas. The canvas material is strong, easily to stretch and put on the wooden stretchers.

Pictures are usually printed on natural and synthetic canvas. Natural fiber canvas texture looks like a fabric. Every filament and roughness of faric are well visible on the canvaas. Natural fiber canvas absorbs the colors and tends to shrink. We rocommend to expand the edges of the photo, so that your picture view will be nicely placed on the frames. In this case please select function with photo extention. If you have picked print on natural canvas it also shrinks a bit. If you have picked a photo print on natural canvas with white, black or colored edges, photo on canvas will be difficult to stretch on the frame.

Synthetic canvas fabric texture different from natural fiber canvas. Synthetic canvas fabric texture has smooth surface. Choose synthetic canvas, if you want to print a lot of small parts. Synthetic canvas better keeps small objects contour colors.

On the canvas you can print different pictures: birthdays, weddings, scanned grandparents' or childhood pictures, natural landscapes, modern art. Alsio you can select picture from online galleries. Your pictures will be always printed in high quality.