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Advertising company InSpe is the largest and widest range of services providing advertising agency in Lithuania. Main office located in Vilnius, Lithuania. 830 m2 office space, 30 people working including 12 in sales.


InSpe is a private family owned business founded in 1991. In the beginning advertising services on a local market was the main business area. In 2003 Inspe begins mobile displays trading (far east supply). In 2010 starts to supply SIGN companies with printers, post press equipment, media and inks.


According to our belief, there are no difinitions such as client and advertising agency while communicating. We are partners. This form of communication atitude to active contact and is a good key to success. Already we share our partnership with such big companies as Čili Holdings, Maxima LT, PZU Lietuva, Coca Cola HBC Lietuva, Oriflame, Delano, Eurovaistinė, Mineraliniai vandenys, Philip Morris Baltic etc.


We are experienced 20 year old manufacturing, developing and trading company, working with different advertising projects that are highly appriciated in other European companies. We respect each customer, partner. Responsibly explore their needs and offer optimal solutions.

We have gathered a great profesional team, ad experts. Constantly seek self improvement, attentitive to every detail.

And much more important our task is to carry our service with highest quality, use maximal possibilities and change for better.